Book Reviews

17 07 2009

I reviewed Between Wyomings by Ken Mansfield here, giving it only one star.

A much better review  is Barbara J. King’s of  Robert Wrights’s book  The Evolution of God .  It can be found here.   Here’s an excerpt:

“….., I admire the master work that went into The Evolution of God. Like a baleen whale sifting through ton after ton of microorganisms to derive sustenance, you have digested source after source and distilled it all into a compelling account of the world’s turbulent religious history.”


The Cat and Granny

11 07 2009


IMG_9556This is the cat who came to stay with Granny – he’s an onery little cat. He’s supposed to stay over by the tree but he likes to climb.







 He was quite a surprise!












He came in a big bag and we thought he was just hilarious!


We liked him a whole lot !

 We laughed and ate cake, we waved flags …a big laugh 







we tried to figure things out,



 and we were darn near  delighted with the doggie card

thecarddoggie card2

 All in All we had a grand time.


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