An Obsession With Hope

4 09 2012
Spitzer Spies Spectacular Sombrero

Spitzer Spies Spectacular Sombrero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sombrero Galaxy is this huge, magnificent, psychedelic,  galaxy  in the Virgo cluster 28 million light years from earth containing a black hole believed to be one billion times more massive than the mass of our sun.  Think of those numbers for just a moment; 28 million light years away and that is in one of our nearer galaxy clusters. A mass 1 billion times greater than our sun. This is the universe we live in and are just beginning to understand. An understanding  that is in its infancy.

We are just remembering how to crawl.

We have sent Curiosity, a breath-taking feat of imagination and engineering, to walk about on Mars and report back to us; and we are still in the infancy of our exploration of near space. In far space  the National Science Foundation’s South Pole Telescope has found the stunning,  super massive, Phoenix  Galaxy Cluster  5.7 billion light-years from Earth  just as we’ve begun to dip our toes into the  nether of the cosmos.  It is churning out stars at a rate of about 740 a year.  There is music of a sort, a mermaid’s song,  in the formation of stars; the famous Perseus cluster, as it formed stars,  “produced sound waves with an incredibly deep B-flat note 57 octaves below middle C. “

As Dr. Seuss said “Oh, the places you’ll go.”

It puts the concept of infinity beyond the scope of my puny imagination.  It puts the glory of our Creator beyond my pitiful ability to imagine.   I am less than the amoeba gazing up at a man.  I am less than a mote in eye of God.

And yet, in spite of all I know of  man’s inadequacies, man’s limitations, man’s insignificance  in this universe  I am filled with hope because man appears to have been deliberately engineered to possess  an unlikely  obsession with hope. A feeble creature born audacious,  born with blinders to his limitations and the    improbability of his successes,  born to turn his phoenix  face to the shining sun and dare the destruction, again and again; determined to hear the music of the stars and to dance among them.

“I knew the moment had arrived

For killing the past and coming back to life”  Pink Floyd


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